Officinalis Coat Spray
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Officinalis Coat Spray


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The Officinalis coat spray dry shampoo allows cleansing and sanitizing the horse’s coat and skin without water. Thanks to the essential oils it contains, dry shampoo is fundamental for good hygiene and to prevent some of the disorders stabled horses may get, like mycosis for example. Particularly recommended in the winter or if the horse cannot be washed with water, it is applied onto the mane, tail and coat where needed.

OFFICINALIS dry shampoos contain no perfume or allergenic artificial dye, and respect the natural pH of the horse’s skin. Sage medicinal water based. Contains a high quantity of essential oil with skin-purifying, smell repellent and anti-dandruff effects. This dry shampoo gets the stains out and cleans, and also gives the horse a natural scent that acts as a mosquito, horsefly and fly repellent.

Dark coated horse? Choose Blueberry and Blackberry- Enhances darker coats, imparting brilliance and shine from the natural tannins.

Light coated horse? Choose Chamomile- Ideal for grey horses. Great for cleaning stains on lighter coats, and very soothing.

Bay or chestnut coat? Choose Rose - Delicate and sweet fragrance from Rose Water, and suitable for bays and chestnuts.

Itchy, flaky skin? Choose Sage - High concentration of essential sage oil, effective in treating dandruff, and the fragrance is a natural repellent for many biting insects.

Itchy, flaky skin? Choose Lavender- Suitable for all coats, extremely fragrant, and had traditionally been used to cleanse superficial sores and wounds.

Made in Italy.

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