Officials Ice Gel
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Officials Ice Gel Officials Ice Gel

Officials Ice Gel


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Gel with ice effect. Natural product containing a base of Menthol, Devil’s Claw and Arnica for an anti-inflammatory a re-energizing effect. Used mostly in case of physical trauma to avoid hematomas, tendinitis, bursitis and sprains, and after intensive workouts to soothe the pain of inflamed legs. 

Arnica in particular, with its astringent action, stimulates blood flow while having a beneficial effect on muscles and joints that are submitted to intensive workouts. Devil’s Claw is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Essential oils of Sage and Thyme are used for their re-energizing and fortifying actions. Menthol is used for its antiseptic and anaesthetic actions and appreciated for its cooling and calming effects.

  • Base of Menthol, Devil’s Claw and Arnica
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic
  • Cooling effect
  • Excellent for Tendons

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